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Self-healing material could be a breakthrough for humanoid robots

Researchers at US university Carnegie Mellon have created a new electrically conductive material that can repair itself, presenting new opportunities for soft robotics and wearable technology. Combining properties of metal and plastic, the supple, stretchy material can be used to make circuits that stay operational even after sustaining physical damage. The discovery opens up the possibility

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Micro-robots build the world’s smallest house

French researchers from the Femto-ST Institute have used micro-robots to assemble the world’s smallest house, which stands just 0.015 millimetres high. The tiny house, which has a footprint of 0.02 millimetres by 0.01 millimetres, is around half a million times smaller than a regular two-storey house. Sitting on the top of an optical fibre the house

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MIT’s AlterEgo device “silently converses” with the voices in your head

Researchers at MIT Media Lab have developed a wearable gadget that transcribes and responds to conversations users have with themselves in their heads.  Comprised of a wearable device and a small computing system, AlterEgo enables users to “silently converse” with a computing device without talking or making any recognisable movements. It uses electrodes to pick up neuromuscular

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