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What Is the Difference Between Baseballs?

On the surface, all baseballs are nearly identical. Featuring the classic white surface with red stitching and small spherical shape, it is difficult to understand why one baseball costs significantly more than another baseball. But if you dive into the center of a baseball and take a look at the

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How Do Baseball Teams Travel?

The Schedule Major League Baseball teams usually play three- or four-game series with opponents to cut down on travel. They also usually play anywhere from six to 10 games in a row at home before embarking on what is usually a road trip of six to 10 games in two or

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What Are the Dimensions of a Baseball Base?

Though the outfield may vary in size from one baseball field to the next, high school, college and major league games are all played with the same infield dimensions, which includes the baseball diamond, pitcher’s mound, home plate and the three bases. Little league players utilize a smaller infield, which

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